Tips on Disposal of an Old Fridge

Many appliances need to be specially disposed. This is because these appliances contain substances that are not good for the environment. Your fridge is one of the appliances that need to be thrown out with thoughts of not exposing harmful substances to the environment.

Your fridge has a variety of harmful elements to consider maytag refrigerator repair los angeles. These include insulation materials and refrigerant. Elements found in these include fluorine, hydrogen, carbon and chlorine. Sometimes when these substances and other substances are exposed to the sun’s ultra violet rays along with the weather they could release toxic elements into the environment.

It is possible that not all fridges contain toxic substances, but most do. It is better to be safe than sorry. Actually, in some locations it could be a requirement to dispose fridges in a responsible manner. This means you can take it to a waste facility that accepts such appliances. Often these locations are licensed to dispose of these items safely. Sometimes they will scrape the fridge and have the parts available if someone else needs them for their own fridge to do a repair. It will be a way to recycle as well as taking care of the toxic substances properly. Another disposal option is having the store take the item when they deliver the new fridge. Some stores provide this service for free or charge a small disposal fee. One more option includes using a registered environmental agency waste carrier. This group will take care of helping you dispose of the fridge.

When getting rid of fridge you will no longer use there are other options if it is a working fridge. Sometimes a fridge just needs a little repair but the owner decides to purchase a new one anyway. Other times homeowners want to replace an old fridge to make way for a new one when they are redecorating. This is a good time to donate the item such as to a church, community center or shelter. You could even sell the fridge. Selling it could give the homeowner some money to put toward purchasing the new fridge. It will be a major reduced price, but you will be getting something out of it.

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